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    Frozen Flower

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    An Epic Firework of ethnic soundscapes Frozen Flower is the ticket of admission for Ryo Utasato in the Epic-Ethno-Ambient Olympus. Inspired by the sounds captivated in todays asian rapidly evolving culture, Ryo Utasato created a masterpiece Electronica Album with no boundaries inserting different music styles such as industrial, ethno, ambient, metal, trance, to name a few. The outstanding ethnical synthethizer soundscapes excellent set in scene and produced with love for the detail. The traditional asian acoustical instruments played with plenty of feelings and wisely chosen brings the listener to a fantastic journey accross Asia. The percussive lines runs from subtile to extreme pumping from relaxing to driving. Ethnical Vocals, chants, distorted e-guitars, sub bass. sawtooth generated arpeggios, percussive sounds. What is it? another Ethno-Ambient Album? a new Epic Soundtrack? well neither the two but either both together in a symbiotic relationship. A must have to anyone looking for something different. Frozen Flower by Ryo Utasato will be released on October 7th. and just yet I would not be surprise to listen to one or two of the tracks in this album in a Sci Fi Action Movie or in a Sensual Motion Picture... Frozen Flower is a must have for all enthusiasts of Ethno music with the free spirit for the new. Is not just another Electronica/Ethno/Ambient/Whatever Album is the sound of an evolving culture.

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