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    I am Antonio wrote his first piano composition at age ten followed by a piece he wrote for his local church at age thirteen. During his four years of studying music at Vanguard University, Antonio had the opportunity to go on tour with the Universities Orchestra playing percussion and piano. During tour he performed in different cities and states such as New Mexico, Organ and Vegas Nevada and prestigious venues such as the Segerstrom Performing Art Center in Orange County California. Performing was an experience he would never forget but writing music is his main passion, so he began to score student films. Soon after the opportunity arrived to compose music for several independent films that are mentioned on IMDB such as the “Number 2 Pencil” and “Becoming Bergdwarf.” His two favorite composers who have influenced his writings are Brahms and Beethoven. Brahms for his memorable melodies and Beethoven for his dark and haunting expressions that was felt in every musical note. Antonio Vidarte takes his past experiences in life both negative and positive and canvas these emotions throughhis music. With "I am" A. Vidarte launches his debut solo Album. His exposition to a variety of music at such a young age broadened his appreciation for both the culture and history of music. Not only found classical music intriguing but Melodic Trance as another tool of expressing emotion. From Disco records from artist such as the BeeGees and Kool and the Gang and 80's electronic music. All directed by Antonio to the genre of Melodic Trance. He believes that it is the driving beat and melody in Melodic Trance that can take a listener into another world.Inspired by artists such as Armin Van Buuren he produce his own take in Melodic Trance music. Open your mind to all possibilities and listen to this extremely Melodies driven Trance album.

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