• The Eleventh Hour

    Angelical Tears's first full length Album "The Eleventh Hour" is, Oklahoma based, ANGELICAL TEARS first full length album. The band have a heavy melodic sound with influences of Goth, Metal and Classical music. All the music, except for the Journey cover, was written by Glenn Flansburg (Bass), Steven Bittle (Guitars/ Backing vocals) and JC Clifton (Drums/Programming). Lead vocalist Julia Flansburg penned all the lyrics except for "Sunrise At Sunset" (Glenn). The album's opener is the short intro "Inceptum Finis", with a ticking clock, which I presume is to set the album's theme (The Eleventh Hour). The real opener "Pool of Sorrow" has a great melody and excellent vocals and sets the scene for what is to come. "Queen Of Hearts" is heavy symphonic metal at it's best and I just love the piano ballad "Missing". "Falling" (with Harp) and "Another Day" brings out the Goth side of the band and are two of my favourite tracks on the album, along with "Missing". Next up is the Journey song "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" which I cannot understand why it was included as the band write good enough songs themselves without having to include a cover. However, it is a fair attempt; but with it being such a well known song I cannot help comparing it with Journey's original version. "Sunrise at Sunset" and "With The Shadows" are back to the bands heavier sound and I just love the piano sound on these two. The title track is another good uptempo number and tracks eleven and thirteen have Russian lyrics which I presume will go down very well in that country. They are certainly no fillers that is for sure. Sandwiched inbetween is another version of the excellent song "missing" which I just cannot get out of my head. To sum up, I have got to say that even after one play I was hooked on this album and am still playing it after several weeks. Julia has a great voice and the rest of the band all play a great part in making this a very good album. On the strength of this I would definitely be first in the queue to buy their next album. Would love to see this band live! Reviewed by Graham Rhodes Thank You !!!

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