• VDM Awards 2014

    We are very proud to announce the winning of the VDM Awards 2014 in the genre „Metal“

    Every year the Association of the german music creators (VDM) rewards the best song of the year within an specific style of music. Hundreds of submitions are sent from all music labels in the country and only one song per genre gets rewarded with the best song award of the year.

    This year 2014 Liquid Tree Records have receive the VDM-Award 2014 for the best „Metal“ Song. The winners are „Angelical Tears“ with their song „Pool of Sorrow“ from their debut Album „The Eleventh Hour“. Congratulations to Angelical Tears.

    Angelical Tears is an Oklahoma based formation. Find more about Angelical Tears hereVDM-2014-2

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