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    First outtake from his debut Album Turn of the Sun

    Born in April 1991 Yann (With real name Yan Beretar) found his love to music at the year of two. At that time his grandmother will give him musical instrumenst to play instead of toys.
    Raise in northern Russia where he finished his musical education at a local music school in his hometown „Mirny“. Later in Novosibirsk where he resides now he extended his musical education. With this, his first release Yan approaches the answer to the questions „Who he is“ and „Why is he here“.

    Enjoy typical 80/90s Synth-Pop fussioned with todays Electro and Eurodance. Enjoy YANN Overall, filteract’s minimalistic design makes it easy best free android spy apps for www.spying.ninja to get your photos in, edit them with a few taps and pinches, and then be on your way to share your creations

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